Polkasocial Lite-Paper – Read an Excerpt

Read the Polkasocial Litepaper, Full whitepaper will be released 17/02/2021 and available onsite.
Litepaper Sample

Decentralized social networks It’s going to take a movement!

Polkasocial’s vision is to stand up a decentralized future by giving ownership of content back to our users, by empowering freedom of speech as a core principle on our network and developing a reward system in which contributors are rewarded for their collateral. Our goal is to disrupt and challenge the way we share our snapshots of life and interact with one another through our centralized social media platforms. Centralized social media networks have been around since the dawn of the Internet feeding on off our data and scraping our information to sell off to third parties to help them peddle their goods to us in real-time.

We combine concepts from social media with cutting edge advances in Polkadot and distributed ledger technologies.

Polkasocial’s users can share moments, photos, video, stream, private message plus everything that is attractive in other centralized platforms, without the data leeching tech in the backend.