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What problem does PolkaSocial solve?

Polkasocial is a blockchain based social network platform & NFT marketplace. Network, follow peers and influencers, live stream, play games and much more!

Polkasocial is a decentralised platform where buyers and sellers can trade digital goods, services and assets all with polkasocial tokens.

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Register an account on the Polkasocial platform and start networking today

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Find services on the marketplace, assets & sellers, network with developers and investors

Earn & Promote

Earn with posts and live streams, promote your blockchain startups & projects with zero censorship

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Register an account

Register an account on the Polkasocial Social Network platform TODAY! Our MVP is operational.

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Decentralized revolution
Popular social media networks fail to uphold the ideals of freedom of expression. That is how Polkasocial is different.
Earn with posts and live streams, promote your blockchain startups & projects with zero censorship. Share in advertising revenue!
Why is Polkasocial
to other social networks?

Your data will never be sold to any third party, nor will it be used to market or bombard you with media and marketing collateral based on your user journeys and platform interactions.

Users who stake PSN token will also share in the advertising revenue generated by on-platform advertising campaigns and more!

is a completely decentralized platform that is currently in MVP phase and available for onboarding NOW!

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How Polkasocial intends to
revolutionize Social Networks...

Ad revenue generated on the platform is utilised for the Polkasocial community in the form of rewards and paid in PSN Tokens.

Users can earn or purchase Polkasocial Tokens or exchange them for buying digital goods and services on the marketplace. The Polkasocial (PSN) Tokens can also be stored along with Ethereum in your own wallets on our platform.  Future iterations will contain other blockchains.

Ad Revenue
Improving our ecosystem token by token to improve our network and pay back to the community!
Friendly Network
Full featured social network design, without sacrificing user experience

New Projects and Startups can promote their projects & updates on Polkasocial. Our platform is developed to compliment the Crypto-world and the Outside-world.

Set up your company pages, groups, bounty projects and keep your audience and followers updated! 

Polkasocial Sales Stages
Structure & Phases of Polkasocial Fundraising Goals
$ 1.2M
Target On Fundraising
$ 30,000
Soft Cap
300 Million
Total Token Supply
BEP20 / Native
Token Type
Purchase Methods
Token Distribution
Use Of Funding
Our MVP is LIVE - Join Polkasocial today and join the decentralized social revolution!
Our Strategy & Project Plan

Our mission is to develop the most innovative Decentralized Social Network platform with virtually zero censorship! While creating a disruptive business model to market and to stimulate the Polkasocial gig economy.

Quarter 1
Jan, 2021

PolkaSocial MVP launch and testing phase.

Feb, 2021

Pre-sales begin selling PolkaSocial Token through

Bug fixes, enhancements and UI improvements to Platform.

Mar, 2021

UI improvements on Platform.

Quarter 2
April, 2021

iOS development submission to Appstore

May, 2021

Live streaming to launch on the platform with some other user engagement features TBA.

June, 2021

Full Marketplace PolkaSocial token implementation by end of Q2

Quarter 3
Jul, 2021

Gaming rewards launched on platform / users can earn Polkasocial tokens in tournaments and events

Aug, 2021

Tiered pricing for companies introduced to assist in monetising the platform, all funds will be used towards the future scope of development of the platform.

Sep, 2021

A Startup Launchpad will be added to the Social Network to assist in projects networking ability on the platform.,

Quarter 4
Oct, 2021
Mobile App Launch on Android. Metamask Integration Completion Premiere plans introduced for all users
Nov, 2021

iOS App launch TBC, feature rich User Experience enhancements across both app platforms

Dec, 2021

End of year PolkaSocial online Expo.  Featuring platform influencers and awards and prizes for community contributions on the platform.

Quarter 1
Jan, 2022
Polkasocial will restart development on Governance Program
Feb, 2022
Social Lending will be launched to Beta community testers

Mar, 2022

NFT Functionality improvements to start development
Quarter 2
April, 2022
Update to roadmap TBC
May, 2022
Update to roadmap TBC
June, 2022
Update to roadmap TBC
Quarter 3
Jul, 2022
Update to roadmap TBC
Aug, 2022
Update to roadmap TBC
Sep, 2022
Update to roadmap TBC
Quarter 4
Oct, 2022
Update to roadmap TBC
Nov, 2022
Update to roadmap TBC
Dec, 2022
Update to roadmap TBC
Our Team
Our amazing social scientists!
Sandy Riva_
Sandy Riva
Social Admin
Adam Sharp
Business Dev Lead
Daryn Addams
Co Founder
We got Apps
Take Polkasocial everywhere you go in a convenient fully featured app on Android, iOS and Windows.

Google Play App is available!

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PSN Token Wallet

Sign in with 2FA, fingerprint or Face ID to access your wallet.

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With Cryptopals & follow your favourite Startups & Projects and network to your hearts content!

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To find sellers and make transactions with QR code convenience.

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Push Alerts
To get notifications about transactions, followers etc.
We are live on Pancakeswap
Thank you for supporting Polkasocial
Private & Strategic Sales:
Ended July 2021
IDO Launchpad Rounds:
7th-8th October - Only on Multipad and Kwkstarter Launchpad
Listing Date & Price:
TGE / Listing will happen at 16:00 UTC on the 8th of October
Listing Price will be $0.20
Soft/Hard cap:
500,000 / 70,000,000 tokens
Vesting Periods:
Public Sale - 15% unlock on TGE, daily vesting after 15 day cliff from our user interface

IDO Sale - 25% unlock on TGE, then 18.75% for 4 months
Polkasocial (PSN)
Exchange rate:
1 ETH = ~35,000 Polkasocial*
Project protocol:
Polkadot, BSC
Polkasocial Token Contract Address (PSN - BEP-20):

Launchpad Whitelisting: Multipad and Kwikstarter

Launchpad events have completed - thanks!
Polkasocial News
Watch this space
The Dangers of Centralized Social Media

Social media has become a huge part of our lives. We turn to it to form groups, foster relationships, and keep in touch with long-distance friends.

Sign up to Polkasocial today!​

Join the all new decentralized Social Media Platform that is Polkasocial – Powered by Polkadot

Polkasocial Lite-Paper – Read an Excerpt

Read the Polkasocial Litepaper, Full whitepaper will be released 17/02/2021 and available onsite. Full whitepaper pending developer sign-off.

Social Network
Connect with us via our centralised Socials